Frequently Asked Questions

How long do subscriptions last for?

All subscriptions now last for a full 12 months from when they are purchased.


There is also the option to subscribe for 2 years which allows you to make greater savings over this time with the discounts available.

Can I embed individual videos onto a school VLE?

All the videos that cover the Year 12 content are hosted on YouTube and can be embedded within your school site. The Year 13 videos are hosted on Vimeo and cannot be embedded individually, although you can embed the whole page.


For example, if you use Firefly you simply copy the URL and embed it within a page created within the VLE.

Does the content work outside of the UK?

Many schools from around the world have now subscribed and their students are successfully using this material to help them prepare for exams.


Please check that you can view content on Vimeo in your country.

Is more content being created?

Every month new content is created, adding to the 700+ videos already available on this site and the YouTube channel. Some areas may still be missing but the plan is to have every topic for every exam board covered, along with essential practical experiments, specimen and past exam papers. 

How does the login work?

To keep everything as simple as possible, each school has a single shared username and password for all students and teachers.

How do I create my username?

It must be in the form of an email address - although it does not have to link to a real email address.

I recommend your choose something memorable like

and a password (not 'physics') that will be easily remembered by your students when you sign up. Please note that your schools username and password are stored in a secure area.

How much does it cost?

It works out cheaper than buying individual YouTube subscriptions. The price is based on the number of students starting the Year 13 course. Don't forget this also allows you full access for students in Year 12, teachers and technicians.

Find the full pricing matrix here.

Can I sign up for more than 1 year?

You can now subscribe for up to 2 years - this has the benefit that you could save £49 compared to paying every year (based on a yearly price of £199).

Simply select this option when ordering.

Are there discounts available?

There are also discounts of up to 75% for schools with high numbers of FSM and Pupil Premium students. If you are unsure whether your schools qualifies then please contact us.

10% will also be applied if you purchase a GCSE Physics subscription too!

If you are eligible for a discount then please mention this when ordering. 

How can my school pay?

Once you have subscribed we send you and your finance department an invoice. If you have any further questions about payment then please do contact me.

How do I set up a purchase order?

Some schools require a purchase order to be set up before an order is made. If that is the case then simply contact me and I can email one through.

How do I subscribe as an individual?

If you are a student and would like to see the same material as on the School Subscription area then you can subscribe for just £19.99. 

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes. We securely hold the data you enter as a teacher when you purchase a school subscription. This is not shared with any other company or organisation. We do not hold any personal information about the students at your school who use the site. Should you have any further queries about this then please email Please have a look at the Privacy Policy to find out more.