How much?

The price for full website access for 12 months depends on the number of students you have in Year 13. This allows an affordable solution for smaller departments.

  • £199 for 10+ students

  • £149 for 5-9 students

  • £99 for less than 5 students. 

There is also the option, if your departmental budget allows, to purchase 24 months for £349. This is ideal for large departments.

FSM Discounts*

Schools with a high percentage of 'pupils eligible for free school meals at any time during the past 6 years' receive a discount based on the data for their school. This is published at 'Compare School Performance'.

  • 50% discount applied for 30%+ FSM

  • 75% discount applied for 50%+ FSM 

GCSE Physics Online Discount*

If you have students taking GCSE Physics then I have hundreds more high quality videos covering this course. Find out more at ''


  • 10% discount applied to both packages 

Other Discounts

Do contact me if you wish to discuss the right package for your school, for example special schools with a very low number of students or a package for multiple schools within a Multi Academy Trust.


Contact Lewis

*Please note that if you qualify for more than one discount they will be applied in order.


For example, if your schools has 20 students and qualifies for a 50% FSM discount and 10% discount because you also subscribe to GCSE then the total price will be:

  • £199.00 x 0.5 = £99.50 (initial 50% discount applied)

  • £99.50 x 0.9 = £89.55 (a further 10% applied)

A Level Physics Online Recommended for Home Learning

The following organisations have recently recommended these resources to support students who are learning from home during the Covid-19 crisis.

 AQA            CIE            Edexcel            Eduqas            IB            OCR A            OCR B          WJEC

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