In my January mocks I got a D in Physics, I subscribed to your channels and went on to get an A, with the highest marks in my school. Your videos were so helpful and played a massive part, thank you so much! I'm going on to study Maths and Physics at Uni. 

I am going to study Chemistry at Oxford university! Thank you so much for your brilliant videos I couldn't have done it without you!

For my AS AQA physics I managed to turn my low C grade at the end of April to an A in my exam. Thank you so much for the help I have already bought the year 13 videos!

Predicted grade for Physics was a D after a poor performance in my mocks. Turns out I got an A for A2 Physics and your videos both AS and A2 have really helped! Off to Warwick now to study Computer Science... Thanks a ton!

Not only did your videos help me cover the whole syllabus, but they also helped me revise and make sure I understood everything. As a result of combining your and my school teacher's resources, I was able to achieve the highest mark in all of Saudi Arabia for AS Level Physics.

Just got my result, I got an A in AS physics. Thanks for the vids on the new course. I will definetly be watching the y13 content and i am looking forward to the y13 course. Thanks for your help!

I just got a B in A2 physics OCR, couldn't have done it without your support Lewis thank you so much!

Just want to say thank you for the past 2 years ... This channel was a god save honestly, while I did have 2 decent teachers who knew their stuff, I liked the idea of having a "3rd teacher" whom I could go to whenever.

I got 5 A*. I going to study maths with physics at Cambridge! Thanks for the videos, they were a great resource in addition to the textbook.

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