The Photon

What exactly is a photon? This video shows how we can use the particle model, with individual corpuscles of energy, to explain certain properties of EM radiation. 

The ElectronVolt

In everyday life we use the joule to measure energy. When we consider the energy of individual particles or photon it is often more convenient to use a smaller unit, the electronvolt, eV.

1eV is the energy gained by an electron accelerated through a potential difference of 1V.

Finding the Value of Planck's Constant

How to find the value of little 'h' yourself using some LEDs, a voltmeter and a variable power supply. Planck's constant is the constant of proportionality between the particle-like properties and the frequency of the associated wave.

The Photoelectric Effect

Something to do with photons and electricity. The emission of electrons from a metal surface when illuminated by certain colours of light has long been known about, but explaining why was always a challenge. This video shows why this can only explained by the interaction of individual packets of energy.

Einstein's Photoelectric Equation 

Following on from the previous video about the photoelectric effect this describes the work function of a material and the threshold frequency, all neatly tidied up in Einstein's photoelectric equation.

The de Broglie Wavelength and Wave Particle Duality

If waves can sometimes exhibit particle like properties, does that mean that electrons that we have always through of as particles also behave as waves? What about other particles? What about you? This video shows the next (logical) steps in the work of scientists from the early part of the twentieth century.

Electron Diffraction Tube

You may have one of these at your school. If not, then this videos shows you how they work and the diffraction pattern observed. 

Electron Energy Levels 

GCSE Chemistry was a lie, the electrons don't just sit in their shells, they can also move about....

 Emission and Absorption Line Spectra

Why are fireworks coloured, how can we tell what elements are in stars just from the light we see? This video explains why physics is all about sunshine and rainbows. 

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