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The Full Video List

There are a LOT of videos supporting you for your AS and A Level Exams! 

Simply click on the video title to find it on this website. If you want to find the videos specific to your course you can also access these through the exam board pages (for AQA, OCR etc).

FREE Videos

FREE Videos

     Introduction to Year 12 Physics

     Quantities and Units

     Scalars and Vectors



     Newton's Laws and Momentum

     Work, Energy and Power


     Quantum Physics


     Practical Experiments

     Practical Skills


     Digital Communication



     Particle Physics

     Practical Skills

     AQA Revision Summary

     Edexcel IAL Revision Summary

Premium Videos

Extra Premium Videos

For those who have signed up for an individual Premium Plan or for School Subscribers

     Introduction to Year 13 Physics

     Circular Motion

     Oscillations and Simple Harmonic Motion

     Gravitational Fields and Orbits

     Electric and Magnetic Fields


     Alternating Circuits

     Particle Physics and Radioactivity

     Thermal Physics and Ideal Gases



     Medical Physics

     Rotational Dynamics


     Turning Points

Live Replays

Replay Live Videos

Watch previous livestreams and access the worksheets and past exam questions used in these sessions.

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