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Physics Books

Online video is amazing and a really important part of your study for A Level Physics - but you can't ignore physical books!

I've written a series of workbooks that I am confident will help you become much more confident with your work.

I also have a couple of notebooks for you - one of these is to organise your own revision notes - the other is simply blank pages for you to use as you wish.

All books are available on Amazon for immediate dispatch. Workbooks can be ordered in bulk for schools for £6.99 each - just email for details. 

Daily Workout - Year 1 (Year 12)

This series of A Level Physics workbooks has questions for every day of the entire course.

Starting in July (just after your GCSEs) there are short questions designed to build up your knowledge in a progressive manner. 

Each question also has worked solutions and an explanation video.


Daily Workout - Year 2 (Year 13)


Continuing on from the previous books, these are designed to introduce the new Year 13 content and also continually revise the Year 12 material.

Books 5 and 6 will have a greater emphasis on getting you ready for your final A Level Physics exams.


Organise your notes with these simple notebooks. The Exam Revision Notebook is split into sections for you to fill in, all backed up with videos (linked to by QR codes) explaining how to revise.

The Notebook is a hardback book with multiple lined pages for you to write your own notes in.

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