I am a big fan of Isaac Physics when I am teaching my own students at school - this massive free set of resources is designed to prepare you for both your A Level Physics exams and also future study at university.

Isaac Physics - The Book

Isaac Physics can really help you achieve a much higher mark in your exams - but it's down to you to do the work and to use all the resources available. Isaac Physics is a massive project aimed at people like you - students studying Physics (and Maths). It's all completely free and if you use it as you work through the course it will give you a massive advantage in the exams. 

Isaac Physics - The Website

It's there. It's free. Other students are using this and they are competing against you for the exam grades. What have you got to lose? 

Isaac Physics - Answers

Climbing is a bit like physics problems. It's not about getting to the top (or knowing the correct answer) it's about the journey to get there - where you challenge yourself and develop your skills.

Isaac Chemistry

Isaac Physics has a little sister who has recently joined us - Isaac Chemistry! Use it yourself (many of you do Chemistry as well) or at the very least tell your Chemistry teachers who at this time may not understand how truly fantastic it can be.

Latest Isaac Physics Updates (July 2017)

I caught up with some of the team behind Isaac Physics at the recent Charterhouse conference. Really interesting events for students coming up and also big news for any younger brothers and sisters you may have.

Isaac Physics for GCSE Book First Look

This is a quick first look at a draft version of the new GCSE Isaac Physics book - this will be massively important for thousands of students in the next few years.

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