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'suvat' Equations

Linear motion with a constant acceleration (also covered in A Level Maths).

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1. 'suvat' Equations of Motion

These equations are essential for describing the world around us and the motion of objects. May I introduce the 'suvat' equations!

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2. Deriving 'suvat' Equations

You know the equations of motion, but where do they come from? This video shows how you can use a simple velocity-time graph to derive four 'suvat' equations. Remember the gradient is equal to the acceleration and the area is equal to the displacement.

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3. Solving 'suvat' Equations

How can you solve real problems with the 'suvat' equations? This video shows you a technique that will guarantee you the correct answer every time.

How to Derive:

(Worksheets and solutions)

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